Saturday, September 20, 2014

L8r G8r

My friends, I think we all knew that this was coming: Yourself Cared is going on an indefinite, probably permanent, hiatus. I haven't been feelin' it lately, and I don't want to force myself to maintain a hobby that isn't fun anymore. The website will stay up as an archive, and I'll still be reading your blogs!

If you want to keep up with me, I'm building a personal portfolio website that I plan to use as a publishing platform, and I will continue to informally create and collect on Tumblr. I would also welcome Facebook requests from any of you. Thanks for reading! I really appreciate it!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Diamond Pavement

beautiful car tire shadows

I saw this beautiful pattern on the ground the other day while walking the dog.

beautiful car tire shadows

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wicked Games

Currently obsessed with "Wicked Games" by The Weeknd. "Bring your love, baby, I could bring my shame." It's worrisome how much that line resonates with me.

"Wicked Games" by The Weeknd

Speaking of hip hop, last night I took my sister to a "Drake vs Lil Wayne" concert. It was loud and boisterous and fairly enjoyable. Dancin' and yelling hard. But before the #TurnUp vibe started building, I jotted down a few notes. (We were waiting for the opener, YG.)

Anticipation tinged with boredom. The venue speakers are slapping rap tunes and everyone's on their phone, takin' selfies and texting. Okay, maybe it's just me. There's plenty of staring around and laughing groups. I'm here with my little sister, who went off to take a picture with some school friends in cheaper seats. I shelled out for our tickets.

I was gonna take my ex-boyfriend. I spent hundreds on these seats because I meant it to be a special birthday treat, a demonstration of my affection. Then he dumped me. So I told Destiny, "Fuck it, I'm taking you instead." She was thrilled.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Oakland Shadows

After an exhibit at SideQuest Gallery, wandering around with my friend, taking too many snapshots on my phone. I really love this shadow-portrait:

portrait in the shadows

And this shark sticker with the glimpse of my friend's red button-down shirt:

graffiti shark sticker, Oakland 9/13/2014

And these splotchy white ghosts:

ghosts on brick, Oakland graffiti 9/13/2014

And this face on the back of a traffic sign:

graffiti portrait on the back of the traffic sign, Oakland 9/13/2014

That's all. Good night.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Speechtime Continuum

[The following was excised from an essay for my linguistic anthropology class. It didn't serve the piece as a whole, but I still like the passage. ~omg academia~]


It is difficult to document the time of a conversation. Not the duration of the encounter or the date when it took place, but the spatial sense of time, the temporal context of a relationship that must extend infinitely forward and backward from the moment at hand. This aspect of an interaction tends to remain unvoiced, but it is vital.

Every "linguistic encounter" is framed by expectation and then interpretation, though they may be informal, brief, or even unconscious. The human mind loves to create narratives, to find patterns that will constitute stories, so we parse our lives in terms of these devices.


Friday, September 12, 2014

I've Got Friends On The Other Side

A romantic relationship is not just "friendship + sex". Those may be the parts, but the sum is greater. Of course, not all romances involve sex, and it's easy to be physically intimate without being sexual. The key is something else--something ineffable. And glorious.

My romantic tastes are pretty traditional. I mostly date men, and I'll admit that I'm drawn to the burly lumberjack type. (See also: beard swooning.) I tend toward monogamy. I like terms of endearment. The Princess and the Frog is one of my favorite movies.

That seems to be all I have to say about romance, so here are two great Fem!Faciliers (the villain from TPatF):

genderbent Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog

// ArtNerdEm //

genderbent Dr. Facilier cosplay, from The Princess and the Frog

Monday, September 8, 2014

Define Gender Essentialism

Gender Abolition

Gender essentialism is the mainstream practice of saying, "these body parts are male" or "these body parts are female", and drawing similar conclusions about various behaviors. It's an attempt to make sense of bodies and identities by putting people into simple categories, based on observable traits. The rigid rubric of gender essentialism remains the dominant way of interpreting people's identities, and it gives rise to misogyny and transphobia.

Neon Gender Source Material F

The question is, "What does make me a woman if it's not my body or my behavior?" I don't have an answer, but I'm working to accept life's ambiguity. Maybe clarity will come with time, but it might not. That's okay. Not knowing all the answers is normal.

sisters abroad : the morais, paris, france (2014)